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Dad Bod: Final Nail in the Coffin

The "Fitness Industry" provides no lack of material for stupid fads and weekly crazes that are here today and gone tomorrow... Many of us have extreme personalities and like to do things to the highest level, which is a great breeding ground for insane ideas when it comes to dieting and training.

This weeks insanity comes from outside the usual channels though... Author Mackenzie Pearson, writing for The Odyssea, wrote a piece this week introducing the world to the latest in physique development. Nope, It isn't boulder shoulders, bowling pin forearms, or tree trunk legs... It's The Dad Bod!

New Arms Protocol: High Rep Beer Chugs

New Arms Protocol: High Rep Beer Chugs

Forget a physique says "Fuck with me and pay the price." ... Pearson says the dad bod says to the world "I go to the gym occasionally, but I also drink heavily on the weekends and enjoy eating eight slices of pizza at a time." ... and "makes boys seem more human, natural, and attractive." 

Before we begin to explore this topic, here are Mike's thoughts, a dad's thoughts, on the topic... those of you with striving for a dad bod can listen to this on the couch, and those striving for a bit more can put this on, load up a prowler and get to work.

So much has been said of the Dad Bod that there isn't much more to write about it... It screams average, takes no effort to attain, and is well... so mundane it really isn't even worth discussion honestly.

As Mike mentioned in the video... We train because of what it does for us as individuals. It is not about getting a certain body type... Our bodies are an outward reflection of our inner mind state. The ability to set a goal and achieve it, to push past discomfort and continue onward, to stay dedicated when motivation wanes. To do champion shit when no one is looking. In this way we train ourselves to be better versions of ourselves.

Through our training in the gym we build our bodies and our character as men and women. This is not to say these can't be built in other ways and your are lesser if you dont weight train, but for those of us who take this seriously, the body is a by product of the work, and the work is what we love.

I'd rather talk about the kind of person that wants a guy with a dad bod for the reasons listen in the article.:

  • It Doesn't Intimidate Us
  • We Like Being The Pretty One
  • Better Cuddling... No One Wants To Cuddle A Rock
  • Getting To Eat Taco's and Beer
  • His Body Wont Fade Over Time... He'll Be Average From Start To Finish!

Holy Insecurities Batman! If these are the top reasons that "girls are crazy about the dad bod" then I'm glad that my training and eating regimen takes me out of the line up. These types of statements don't exactly scream Alpha Lady to me, and that's the type of women I want by my side, and raising my children. The less attractive I can make myself to the type of person who "wants to be the cute one" and is more concerned with eating taco's and drinking beer than their health I consider that a check mark in the W column myself.

So all you Iron Addicts out there, don't drop the dumb bell and pick up the Coors just yet. Keep training, and training hard... Hell, do an extra set this week in honor of those with the Dad Bod. As I have learned in my life, the more you do the things that make you happy and enrich your life, the better types of people you attract to yourself, personally and professionally.

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