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Progression Obsession Part 2: Even More Ways To Progress

Muscle Monday all you Iron Addicts! The So Alpha Crew is back with some more tips with the  to make sure the gains keep on keepin' on.

Last week we started touching on the important of using other methods to make progress besides just increasing the load, and we outlined three such methods. This week we are gonna keep the gains train chugging along with 3 more progression methods you can use when the weight refuses to budge.

Rep Consistency

We've all seen the lifter that nails all the reps of the set, but the last rep looks nothing like the first rep. The first rep is solid, fast, and the body stays tight... Then the last rep looks like he came down with a sudden onset case of seizures, the left side of the bar goes up at half the speed of the right side, and his spotter is lifting half the weight for him.


So yes, they lifted the weight for all the reps, but that doesn't mean its time to increase the weight.

Instead of patting yourself on the back for getting all the reps in, raise your standards and accept nothing less than perfect execution on each and every rep. The last rep of your set should be hard, but there is no reason your technique should completely fall apart. If that does happen, you don't count the rep and you work hard to get it right the next week.

Rep Speedbad-bench-form

Once you have the technique and rep consistency down you should next focus on the speed of the reps. Focus on getting all of the reps to launch like a rocket, no grinders.

You use this method when you can get all the reps in and the technique is good, but the rep speed slows down considerably towards the end of the set.

This may make it seem like every rep is "easy", and you don't make gains lifting easy ass weights, but the whole point of these techniques is to blast through sticking points so that you can handle more weight. So once you can launch all those reps like you're commissioned by NASA it's time to grab some dimes and add 'em on.

Total Confidence

This one may sound a bit nebulous, but as we all know half of the iron game is the mental aspect. It's no secret Mike Rashid is all about those Mental Jewels, and you should be too... Which is why you can't discount the power of confidence in the weight room. You could argue that a large part of the reason to train is to build confidence in yourself in the first place.

We all have that weight that we "know" is heavy, that scares us a bit when we get under it, that we fear might snap or break something if shit doesn't go exactly right...

Right under that is the weight that we know we can handle... But damn is it heavy. And increasing the weight? Forget about it. You load up the bar and you want to get 3, or 5, or 10, but you're just not quite sure you can. That little voice in your head is starting up, telling you 100 reasons why you should just try for 2, or 4, or 9... You know, its all the same anyway. Don't want to risk getting injured, you know? Plus you have to hike tomorrow and you don't want your legs to be too sore...

Well this method is to lift that shit until that voice is dominated. Stay with that weight for a few weeks until you can handle the weight so easily that that voice goes from doubting you to asking you why you were ever scared of such easy ass weight. That little voice will go from telling you to "keep a rep in the tank" to "Fuck it, lift it 3 more times, and add 10 pounds next set."

As I said this "method" is a bit nebulous and it's not really something you can measure, but sticking with a weight for a few weeks and just hitting the reps over and over and over will build supreme confidence, and then adding 5 pounds to that won't seem like a daunting task but an inevitability.

Go Get Greater Gains

That's enough info for one week. Tackle your problems this week with this info and come back next week for more. If that's too long check out the other articles on here and even the books if you are looking for some deeper writing and programs.


  • Tysaan Devoe
    Posted at 21:37h, 22 August Reply

    In trying my hardest to have a strong body any strong look and a muscle growth but it seems no matter how hard I train it doesn’t happen. Now I’ve been watching all of your videos Mike Rashid and now I’m about to start using your supplements. I’m going to increase my custody in the gym along with what are the following you on your YouTube channel and hopefully things will change. Please reply back to me can you help me or give me some tips on solving this problem. Tysaan Devoe

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