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New Contributor Introduction

Hello Everyone,

My name is Lonnie Ducote and I am extremely excited to be joining the I’m So Alpha team with Mike Rashid and all of the other Alpha Dogs bringing you premium content.

In addition to being a 12 year fanatic of the iron game, I was one of the charter members at Metroflex LBC in 2011, back when it was barely 2 prowler alleys, a handful of squat racks, and the concrete wasn't smashed to pieces from Atlas Stones so I know first hand the brutality and effectiveness of the workouts that you all know and love from Mike Rashid, Big Rob, CT Fletcher, and the rest of the gang.

As a member of the team , I’m here to offer guidance and advice in a multitude of different areas, although as a competitive body builder my particular specialties are lifting techniques and achieving and maintaining superb levels of conditioning, even to the point of competing.

I’ll be doling out the articles, workouts, and tips on a weekly basis. So check back in on Monday’s every week for a fresh batch of information you can use to help you progress to your best package in the gym.

If there is anything you want to have covered in depth or any quick questions you have feel free to post them below and I'll do my best to get to them in the coming weeks and months.

Stay Strong Everyone,



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