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Unhealthy Obsession with ABS

Such a huge emphasis on being lean and having abs.... Honestly, what's it worth if your abs only last a couple days? From what I've observed during my brief time in this "fitness industry" many of these "fitness" folks aren't fit... For some, having abs is a result of being malnourished... I'm bringing this up to say this... If you are a part of this industry, try to actually be fit and healthy.. If you being healthy doesnt allow you to be the most shredded person on the planet, then so be it... I feel this obsession with being "shredded" is mentally unhealthy... Some have to do sooo much for this temporary look, they gain weight after and get depressed.... Beauty comes in all shapes and forms... It starts internally... Shines through in your personality, confidence and demeanor... Some of the most physically brautiful, strong and fit women I know don't have 6 packs... That's not to say they aren't in optimal health... On the other hand, I know people who are fairly shredded all year round... Super high metabolisms and genetics that help them look that way... That's fine.... I'm not bashing being shredded... All I'm saying is, be healthy with your journey of transformation... Try to aim for a sustainable look... Don't feel pressured by seeing everyone's 8 packs on Instagram and fb.... Most of those people don't look like that in real life... They stand uner the best lighting(I'm guilty of that) twist their bodies at angles that make them look their absolute best, and probably threw some filters on to enhance the look.... Please don't feel pressured to fit in with everyone... Embrace the beautiful body that your beloved parents gave you.... Be happy and healthy in your fitness pursuit... Don't worry about everyone else....

  • Rene
    Posted at 08:37h, 04 August Reply

    Man ur right sometimes I worry too much about finding the right solution to make my body at its best to perform. Sometimes I procrastinate like a mofo lol

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