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For those looking for sponsorship’s, fame and notoriety in the fitness industry…

I get posed questions often like, “how do I get a sponsorship”, “can you show my pictures to this or that photographer”, etc. What you must realize is this. In this fitness industry, sending pictures and head shots in to companies, in my opinion, is a huge waste of time and effort. First of all, when you go to these supplement lines, clothing companies, photographers etc, you are showing that you need them. What they want is someone THEY need. You have to ask yourself, “What do I have to offer, besides 6 pack abs, a nice physique and attractive face”. These companies want people who will represent their brand, push their brand and help them generate money. They receive hundreds if not thousands of photos, of in shape people with amazing bodies every week. What sets you apart?

In this day and age, social media is taking over in terms of advertising and marketing. So these companies are going to be attracted to athletes, personalities etc that either have a decent following, or are on the cusp of gaining that. They want to see if you have influence over people. How do you interact with those that ‘follow’ you. And also, what makes you unique.

My advice is to be extremely dedicated and faithful to your craft. If you are a trainer, qualify yourself to be the absolute best trainer you can be. When someone asks you a question, you can explain it in detail, so concisely that a child can understand. Constantly study, learn, know your craft inside and out. And that goes for fitness competitors, body builders, power lifters, anyone involved in this ‘Iron Sport’. You being extremely passionate and dedicated to your craft is an attractive attribute to those watching. You never know who’s watching. I personally got my 1st sponsorship by a major fitness clothing company ‘Better Bodies’ by the owner of the company monitoring my movements, interaction etc with my ‘followers’ on Facebook.. My winning shows didn’t get me a sponsorship. (not saying that you can’t get one like that) It was my mind, how I fed people with the best possible information and advice that I could give. The best form of motivation that I could provide etc. Also being in shape helps a lot. With these sponsorships, they send you on shoots, have you make appearances etc, and if you need a month to get in shape, you aren’t much of a help to the company.

You need to stand out from the pack. Have a specialty. Have something valuable to provide. Make these companies feel like they need you. Be 100% honest, dedicated and faithful to your craft. Be real and be yourself. Trust me, if you are doing the right things, you WILL be noticed, and they will come for you. These companies choose who they want. You sending in your head shots or tagging them in all of your photos will annoy them rather than persuading them that you are their guy or girl. Just stand out, stay on top of your trade, and stay true to yourself, and the right doors will open to you.

  • Corben
    Posted at 19:37h, 14 September Reply

    Hey I am in the gym just about every day I have been into bodybuilding for a little while now and everyone is noticing and coming up to me and asking me questions and how I did it I would like to be able to represent your company and be part of the team

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