Workout Program

I just signed up. Why do I see the previous month's workouts?

  • If you have purchased the registration a few days before the next challenge starts, you will automatically see the materials of the current month's challenge. That is because the workouts are activated every first day of the month when the challenge actually starts.

I received an email that the meal plan is now available but I don't see the new workouts yet.

If you signed up a few days before the challenge starts, you will see the current challenge's materials. This is because workouts are activated on the day the challenge starts, not before.


The next challenge should show as upcoming in your dashboard. This will automatically open at 12AM of the actual start date.

Does the workout program have videos and illustrations?

Yes. Each workout has a demo video to show you how to perform the specific exercise.

Do the workouts disappear from my dashboard once the challenge is over?

Yes. The programs are accessible through the membership portal during the duration of the challenge only. Once the challenge is closed, you will not be able to access the materials anymore.

Can I purchase the program separately after the challenge is over?

No. The challenge materials are only available during the challenge. It is not sold separately or after the challenge has ended.

What are the necessary equipment in the challenge? Do I need to have a gym membership?

In the new Alpha Shred, you get not only 1 but 2 workout programs! You can either do either workouts or both.


If you are only going to do the home workouts, you do not need to have a gym membership. You can perform the exercises in the comforts of your own home or someplace safe and accessible to you.


Although, you will need minimal equipment as some exercises do require a little more resistance. For these, you'll need to have a set of dumbbells, kettlebells, a resistance band, and a jump rope. There are no specific weights or resistance required. Just choose one that challenges you.


If you do not have this equipment, you can make use of what you have at home such as water jugs, a backpack filled with books, grocery bags, paint cans, a case of beer, etc.