Photo & Video

How to upload your photos and 360 video?

Follow the steps below to be qualified in the challenge:



  • Wear clothing that shows 3/4th of your body (ex. bikini or trunks).
  • Wear the exact same outfit while taking photos.
  • Look straight ahead for a clear front-view image.
  • Hold a white A4 paper with the hashtag next to you.



  • Wear clothing that shows 3/4th of your body (ex. bikini or trunks).
  • Wear the exact same outfit while taking photos.
  • Look straight ahead for a clear side/back-view image.
  • Side and back view does NOT require holding a piece of paper.



  • It is required to submit a video of you turning 360
  • The video should show your whole body, looking straight ahead and turning slowly in 360.
  • The video does not mean you are to film yourself performing the exercises
  • The video requires to contain the hashtag.

Reminders before you upload your photos and videos

  • Photos and 360 videos must be taken with the correct hashtag and submitted on the first day of the challenge to be accepted.
  • You must submit new photos and 360 videos taken only during the 15th and the 30th day of the challenge.
  • Wear the exact outfit while taking photos (Day 1, 15, & 30).
  • Make sure your files do not exceed 2 MB for photos and 40MB for videos before you upload them.
  • Participants need to PERSONALLYupload their images and videos

Where do I upload my day 1 photos?

You need to log in to the membership site and go to the Challenges menu then click the Join the Challenge button. Go to the corresponding check-in day to upload your photos and video, provide your body measurements, and click upload to submit. Only the photos and videos that are submitted at the membership site are accepted.

What is the official hashtag for the photos?

The official hashtag is located in your dashboard under the Progress Upload. Go to Challenges menu > Join the Challenge. You should find it below the challenge banner.

Do I need to have the official hashtag on all my photos?

Yes. You need to have the official hashtag in your 360 videos as well. This is also the same with your photos. Your videos are needed to be reviewed correctly showing the same day as your photos.

What is a 360 video? Is it a requirement?

Yes, submitting a 360 video is a requirement. A 360 video is where you use to stand in front of your camera and record yourself in a complete turn of 360 degrees. This is so that the areas that are not captured in your photos will be seen as well.

Do I need to flex in my photos and video?

No. You can take photos and video in whatever way you think is comfortable.

Due to technical difficulties, I had trouble uploading my files on day 1. Can I still submit my photos?

Absolutely! You can still upload your photos up to the 3rd Day of the Challenge.

Make sure that your photos and videos are within the file size limit. 2MB for photos and 40MB for videos. Most of the time, these are the reasons why your submissions are rejected by the system.


If you are still unable to upload your submissions after the 3rd day, inform the Alpha Shred support team right away.

How do I re-upload or change my photo?

If you have already uploaded your photo and videos and you wish to replace them, all you need to do is go to Challenges > Join the Challenge > Progress Upload. Click Choose file and select the new image > then click OPEN. If you have no other changes, click the UPLOAD button to submit and complete the process.

How can I check if I have successfully uploaded my photo and video?

If you need to check if you have successfully uploaded your video and images, you can simply log out, clear your cache, and log in again. You can also use a private browser to check.

I am a late registrant. Can I still participate and upload my photos?

Inform the Alphashred support team about the situation before uploading your images.

I uploaded the photos in the wrong slot. How can I erase it?

Leave them as-is. If you have mistakenly uploaded on Day 15 or Day 30, then you can replace the images on the day of submission. As long as you have submitted your images in the right slot as well, the images in the correct slots are considered.

Is it a requirement to post my photos to the Facebook Group?

No. You are not required to post your images on the private Facebook Group.

Will all challenge participants see my photos?

No. Only the admins of this challenge will be able to see your submitted photos.