Nutrition Program

I just signed up, where can I find my meal plan?

To access your meal plan, please log in to your dashboard and click on My Meal Plan.


If you signed up a few days before the next challenge starts, what you will see in your dashboard is the current challenge's meal plan.


You can get started with your nutrition right away if you want. However, please note that a new meal plan is updated every 1st day of the month. Make sure that you shop only enough food for the next few days before the next plan is released.


You will receive an email when the next challenge's meal plan is available in your dashboard.


Note that the Alpha Shred Challenge runs from the 1st through the 30th day of every month.

I have generated my meal plan. Are we to follow this for 30 days?

What you received was not a simple guideline aka “eat this not that”. It is a full example meal plan, not just generic macros or guidelines. The plan is NOT one size fits all, or even close. What you received is the best fit for you based on your personal data and chosen type of dietary style.


Watch this video explanation from your Nutritionist, Sean Torbati.

I only see meals for one day. I thought I was going to receive a 30-day meal plan?

If you are looking for 30-days of different meal plans, this isn’t part of the challenge - but that’s because we don’t believe that is an effective approach. We know from a decade working with individuals from all populations that having 30 days of different meals leads to lower compliance and worse results. Excellence in nutrition is built from a solid/regular routine and incorporating fun/variety into that.


We provide the tools for this variety with our easy-to-use swap list! You can find the pdf under your meal plan.

What are these Swap notes I see in my Meal Plan?

The swap notes in your meal plan are the multiplier when substituting food items for another.

C represents Carbohydrates and F represents Fat.


5XC = 5x Carb Swap

5XF = 5X Fat Swap

Download the Swap List pdf to see specific instructions on how to use the swap multiplier to trade the listed food item for your choice of many others.


You can find the Swap List download in your meal plan when you open a specific meal.

What is a food swap list?

This is a tool you need so that you will have the knowledge, and not rely on your coach or any type of diet for the rest of your life. This is a tool to understand how to swap out, replace, or substitute foods in your meal plan.


The food you can replace in your meal plan is not only restricted to the list in this tool.

What are the types of meal plan in the challenge?


Normal structure with meals spread throughout the day evenly.


Intermittent Fasting

A time-restricted eating approach where the challenger will eat their listed 3 meals within 8 hours of the day and fast, water, or non-caloric drinks only, for the remaining 16 hours of the day.



Minimal sugar/carbohydrate approach to turn on the body’s ketone production. Excellent for appetite management.


Mike Rashid Style - One Meal a Day (Vegan)

You will eat on a restricted schedule where the primary feeding of the day occurs in 2 meals; within a 2-3 hour time period. You will fast with water or non-caloric beverages only for the majority of the day and then will break their fast with a power shake, followed by a nutrient and calorie-dense whole food meal soon thereafter. This plan is also fully plant-based. The plan is designed based on the actual diet of Mike Rashid, but adjusted for different calorie needs.)

Can I change my meal plan to another type of diet?

Absolutely! Just go to your meal plan and generate a new one. Enter your body statistics, select your nutrition style preference, and click save to generate a new meal plan.

You can change to a different diet anytime but we recommend that you try it for at least 2 weeks before switching.

Can I make substitutions or replacements of my meals with local ingredients?

You can make substitutions but they need to fit into the context of your meal plan to still be effective.

If you have a specific favorite food or item you want to incorporate into your plan, please email [email protected] with the complete details below:

  • subject title: “Alpha Shred Nutrition” and in the email please provide the information below and we will guide you from there.
    • A description of what’s going on
    • Height
    • Weight
    • Your Nutrition Type e.g. Traditional, Keto, Vegan

PLEASE make sure you provide the above info, otherwise, we will not be able to help you, and you will just slow down your response time as we prioritize those who do follow the above instructions.

How do I time my meals based on my plan?

  • Meal timing is first and foremost - a factor of your daily routine and schedule! Space your meals out in the way that best fits your hunger patterns and availability to eat!
  • If you are on the intermittent fasting style plan, we recommend choosing an 8 to 10-hour window each day where you eat your first meal and your last meal within the time period.
  • If you are following the Vegan OMAD approach, We recommend consuming the power smoothie and the main meal within four hours. If you’d like to spread the meals out a bit further, you can extend to six hours and split the main meal into two portions!

Do we need to submit body measurements on each check-in to show our progress?

We have developed a self-assessment check-in tool for you to check in with and provide essential info to look back on for yourself and for us as we consider making adjustments to your plan if you feel you’re stuck! It is very important, to be honest here, as providing inaccurate info only hurts you!
(This info is not used in determining our winners)

How does the Body Fat Tracking work?

For each check-in day, you are to take your body measurements and enter them accordingly. This will be located in the Measurements section under the Photo/Video Uploads tab.

As you add these values into the system, it will calculate the body fat percentage and show it as a graph inside the dashboard.

What do I do if I feel stalled in my progress or that my plan is not right for me?

We are here to help, half the battle is learning and adjusting while you integrate our plan into your new lifestyle. If you need help or you think your plan needs to be adjusted - email [email protected] with complete information below:

  • subject title: “Alpha Shred Nutrition” and in the email please provide the information below and we will guide you from there.
    • A description of what’s going on
    • How strictly you’ve been following the plan on a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being “not at all”, 10 being PERFECT)
    • Your Goals in the challenge
    • Height / Weight / Age
    • Your current diet plan


PLEASE make sure you provide the above info, otherwise, we will not be able to help you, and you will just slow down your response time as we prioritize those who provide complete details.