Downloads/Tech Issues

Can I access the challenge programs through the Mike Rashid mobile app?

No. The challenge materials are accessible only through the membership portal and are delivered to you as a digital PDF file. The mobile app is exclusive only for Mike’s Private Training and Nutrition.

Can I access or download the programs using my phone?

YES. You can access the membership portal using your phone browser. Just like how you access the membership portal using your laptop or desktop, you can use your phone browser to log in and access the materials so you can save them through your phone as well.
We recommend downloading the materials using the Alpha Shred Challenge App.

I am having a hard time uploading my photos and videos. I kept trying but I keep getting errors?

There are several reasons why you cannot see your photos and videos.

  • You may have exceeded the allowable file size. Make sure that your images do not exceed 2MB for photos and 40MB for videos.
  • You may have already uploaded your files but due to the cookies stored in your browser, the files you upload do not show. If this is the case, delete and refresh your browsing data cache or you can use a private or incognito version of your browsers.

I have received a notification that I can download the materials for the challenge. Where can I download my meal plan?

To download your nutrition plan, you only need to log in to the membership site > click the DOWNLOAD PROGRAMS TAB > answer the form and submit to activate your download link.
If you cannot see anything after submitting the form, just go and click again on the download programs tab or refresh the page. You will be able to see your nutrition plan, swap list, and supplements guide ready for download.

Why I keep seeing error on the photo upload portal page?

This may be due to the traffic of people trying to upload to the server at the same time. You can wait for a few minutes and try again.

Why does the link keeps redirecting me to “page not found”?

This is a browser cache issue. Make sure you are completely logout from the website. Clear all your browser cache and cookies. Open a new and clean browser (if you can, preferably a private browser) then type this at the address bar so that you will be able to log in: