Alpha Shred Challenge

How long is the challenge?

Alpha Shred is a 30-Day Challenge that runs from the 1st to the 30th day of every month.

Is Alpha Shred Challenge a video class?

No. You can perform the challenge at your convenient time.  Each exercise has a demo video that shows you the proper way to perform it.

How are the winners determined?

  • The winners of the Alpha Shred Challenge are selected based on a combination of criteria by Mike Rashid and Sean Torbati.
  • Contestants are required to submit photos and videos on Day 1, Day 15, and Day 30.
  • These pictures & videos are compared to judge the best overall transformations.
  • Winners are not necessarily those in the best shape, nor did they necessarily lose the most weight; each transformation is assessed individually and winners are selected based on the evidence and the opinions of Mike and Sean.
  • If the transformation quality between the 2 contestants is extremely close, Mike and Sean will defer to the private group and chose the contestant who was most active in the group.

Can I share my registration?

There should only be 1 account registered per challenger. However, if you choose to perform the challenge with your family, they need to be registered to be able to submit their images and to be considered as a part of the challenge.


You should be fully aware and assume the risk of illness, accidents, injury, death, personal injury, bodily harm, emotional stress, psychological harm, property damage, and all dangers potentially arising from or in connection with participating in the challenge.

Where can I log in?

You can log in here:

I have purchased a registration why I have not received anything?

There are a few reasons why this happens:

  • If your registration email is correct:
      • Chances are your welcome email and invoice are in your SPAM folder.
      • If you are using Gmail, it is highly likely that your welcome email and invoice can be found in the PROMOTIONS folder of your email account.
      • Comcast, iCloud, Hotmail, Outlook, or your company/business email are sometimes flagged by the system. This is because of the email security and permissions.
      • If you did not receive your invoice and welcome email after 30 minutes of signing up, but you are sure that you registered using the correct email address, contact Alpha Shred Support immediately.

I do not have any social media or facebook account. Is it required?

You can choose not to participate in the Facebook Group. However, please note that Mike's check-ins are done in the Facebook Group.


We also send out email notifications on important announcements.


Although we recommend you to have at least a Facebook account created to join the community, it is not a requirement.


However, remember that we are picking two members of our community every month and giving them EACH $1,000 cash!

Coupons, discounts, promotions are also announced exclusively in the group.


So make sure to join the group so you don't miss out...

Who are eligible to join the challenge?

  • Participating in the challenge is voluntary.
  • A participant should NOT be a minor.
  • A participant should be of sound mind and body and has not been advised otherwise by a qualified medical person.
  • Participants should possess all rights and faculties necessary to execute, deliver, and perform the workouts in this challenge.