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Why Members Love the Alpha Shred Challenge

See what others have to say about the program

– Tim S Georgia

Alpha Shred is a life-changing program. The community and these plans have given me the best body of my life, and that’s nothing compared to how I feel.

- Morgan Vu Garden Grove California
Alpha Shred Challenge Season 18

This challenge was perfect for me because I wanted so badly to take my fitness to a whole other level. I've never felt so empowered and motivated my entire life.

- Aaliyah Dotson Grand Prairie Texas
Alpha Shred Challenge Season 18

Thanks to this Challenge I not only gained my confidence but I proved myself wrong. I came to this challenge thinking how I am going to do this and stick to this every single day with a new born baby and these post partum pains? I'm not in the same shape I used to be and thought I would never be again. But trust and believe I came back stronger and better.

- Shawn Brown Brockton Massachusetts
Alpha Shred Challenge Season 16

My body feels better and looks better as well. I feel like I'm in the best shape I've ever been in since my college basketball playing days.

- Shanae Fletcher Columbia, South Carolina
Alpha Shred Challenge Season 16

This challenge/group has shown me that I am missing the camaraderie in my training! I thought I did best alone. I enjoyed seeing everyone's wins and gains! I have counted macros off and on for a couple of years and never have I ever been consistent as I have been in the these last 30 days.

- Delano Sanders Prairieville Louisiana
Alpha Shred Challenge Season 16

I no longer need to take my blood pressure meds! Insulin resistance is improving. Hip flexibility is back from these daily squat movements! Last night I fell asleep without my cpap machine on and my girlfriend said I was not snoring and I did not stop breathing. These workouts were different and they really shocked my body like previous workouts were not able to.

- Alvin Harris Yorktown Virginia
Alpha Shred Challenge Season 16

I have lost my first 25 total lbs since 2015 and I am so, so grateful for this challenge. This challenge has given me life both internally and externally and for the first time in years I am truly feeling great physically.

- Ashleigh Williamson Ladson, South Carolina
Alpha Shred Challenge Season 15

I entered into this challenge with a mindset to crush my goals and to win some money of course. Not only did I crush my goal but I found a community of people who are so motivating and encouraging!

- Lorinda Hawkins San Diego, California
Alpha Shred Challenge Season 14

I lost a total of 16lbs, starting at 200lbs now down 184lbs (lowest I've been in recent history) and 3 inches off my waist and went down two dress sizes. This program was the jumpstart that I needed to get my fitness and health back on track.

- Kyle Christie Alpha Shred Challenge Season 14

This has been quite the journey. Down 22lbs hard earned lbs. I'm damn proud of that. Alpha Shred Family has been phenomenal! You guys are super inspiring and keep a brother motivated.

- Jason Kwok Manitoba, Canada
Alpha Shred Challenge Season 14

This challenge was intimidating at first. I wasn't sure if I was going to make it through, but this group gave me inspiration day after day. I went from 330lbs down to 305lbs and won't be stopping anytime soon. This was the push I needed.

- Harmonei Buckner Hazel Park, Michigan
Alpha Shred Challenge Season 14

This season was more than a 30 day workout challenge for me. It helped me put myself in a better mental state by being actively productive daily and having a strong accountability team. Its gotten less challenging thanks to the material, diet structure and again the love and supper in this group.

- Jason Oliver Jacksonville, Florida
Alpha Shred Challenge Season 13

Lost 8lbs. Legs, arms and chest got muscular. Been a size 42 pants for years. Bought a size 40 yesterday and they're too big! The pack of hotdogs on the back of my neck has pretty much disappeared.

- Franklin Llyod Montgomery, Alabama
Alpha Shred Season 13

I started Season 12 at 295 and now I'm 257. I appreciate each and everyone of you for the motivation and positive posts. We did it. This is a wonderful program and I'm glad to be a part of it with many inspiring individuals.

- Va'Sean Alfred Alpha Shred Challenge Season 12

First Season for me but I definitely see why you guys keep coming back. The love, support, brotherhood, and sisterhood radiates through this group. This challenge has definitely taught me that my mind is stronger than my body.

- Larry Junior Alpha Shred Challenge Season 12

30 days later, 12lbs less, and feeling 1,000 times better than before. I'm proud of my progress and even more proud of the fact that I didn't skip a single rep of a single set of a single circuit.

- Kevin Burke Newport News, Virginia
Alpha Shred Challenge Season 12

What a journey for me. I actually gave up alcohol and stayed consistent and did everything correct. I was able to get my kids to workout and be active. Thanks Mike and Sean for everything. Also thanks to this dope ass Support Group.

- Eugene Kailiuli Hillsboro Oregon
Alpha Shred Challenge Season 12

Mike, Sean and Alpha Fam. I want to thank you all for the best success in my life today and that's officially getting in the best shape of my life.

- Troy Young Norfolk, Virginia
Alpha Shred Challenge Season 11

I feel like I'm back to a solid place with my fitness. This challenge gave me a great foundation to build from. I appreciate everything you all contributed to this experience, it was really the highlight of the challenge.

- Kourtni Young Tucson Arizona
Alpha Shred Challenge Season 11

I am 12 months post partum, still dealing with diastasis recti and as a new mom dawning the "mom" bod that I absolutely despised, I proved to so many new moms (new and seasoned alike) that you don't have to keep the body that pregnancy/child birth hands to you.

- Chelsea Grear Alpha Shred Season 8
Houston Texas

Thanks again Mike Rashid Sean Torbati for another great challenge but mostly for providing such an amazing group of likeminded individuals, team members, and friends to go through this journey with.

- Curt Anderson Leesburg, Virginia
Alpha Shred Season 11

22lbs drop and my body feels amazing. This challenge was a true test of discipline and desire. Didn't step foot in a gym the entire time and still made it happen.

- Black Regal Niles, Michigan
Alpha Shred Challenge Season 11

I got my health back to an athlete like level and I'd be lying if I said a month ago I thought this kind of challenge was possible! Took my life back mentally and physically with this 30 days.

- Junior Ramirez Bay Point California
Alpha Shred Season 8

I'm in the best shape of my life that I ever been since high school. I'm a type 1 diabetic and to have my A1C at a 7.3 is a testament of how I feel moving forward with life thanks to this challenge.

- J Moon Rivera Jr. Alpha Shred Season 1
Pennsauken, NJ

Love this challenge so much. I can honestly say it has changed me in so many ways. First time in my life I'm sticking to something. First time I ever pushed not only my body but my mind. It's making me a better person. I'm not the old depressed man anymore.

- Giovanni Vitoritto Alpha Shred Season 1
Glendale, AZ

I started this challenge fat, over weight, not in love with myself, angry at everyone and everything. Jealous of those succeeding. Today, I stand my own person, my own man, happy, healthy, and truly blessed for the life I'm in.