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Glute Booty Challenge Program - Level up your Alpha Shred Challenge with the Glute Booty Protocols. This program uses a proven approach in combining workouts intended to build and sculpt your booty. These exact workouts alongside our nutrition plans will be the key to earning the butt you’ve always dreamed of. This program is for those looking for seriously stunning results.



There’s nothing more impressive than having a large, wide v-tapered back. So here is a guide from me to you in achieving that.


For the Iron Addicts that want big ass arms!! This program is for you!


Shoulders are extremely important when building a solid complete physique. It is personally one of my favourite body parts to train. Strong shoulders will also give you a solid bench press.


Ambrosia Full Health Transformation Stack

Every great transformation MUST start with the focus on your health. If you are here, you want to get into the best shape of your life; and that STARTS on the inside. Weight loss or muscle growth probably won't happen - and definitely won't last if your body as a whole is not functioning at its best. The Ambrosia Health Stack combines all of our essential Ambrosia products to take care of your body from head to toe. You will be amazed at how much faster transformations can happen when your body is truly nourished and firing on all cylinders.

Nektar Flavor: Fruit Symphony
Planta Flavor: Banana Maple French Toast
Ritual 30 Flavor: Orange Juice
Overtraining Solution: Unflavored
Golden: Capsules

Ultimate Alpha Shred Tranformation Stack

This is the product stack meant for the most serious of challenge participant. This kit includes everything you need to cover every angle of your performance supplementation. With the Ultimate Alpha Shred Stack you will receive M(6), TRU Energy and TRU BCAA. These three cutting edge & clinically proven products will combine to: turn up fat loss, increase the quality of every workout, protect your lean muscle, and recover faster than ever as we shred off bodyfat and create your best body ever.

M(6) Metabolism Boost: The strongest natural fat burning powerhouse with clinically proven C3G from organic purple corn. Burn less fat and burn more at the same time.
TRU BCAA: Sunflower sourced BCAA to protect lean muscle, and extend your endurance through our toughest workouts. Tropical Popsicle Flavor.
TRU Energy: The world's best natural pre-workout - designed to prepare you for the perfect workout, everyday. TRU Energy will support building lean muscle, burning fat, and getting your strongest and most powerful body. Passion Iced Tea Flavor.